Dr Joanne Naidoo



Dr Joanne Naidoo



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Howard College

Research Interests

HIV and AIDS Research in the field of women and psychosocial issues; nursing education (professional development); evidence based nursing



 Biosketch  Dr Joanne Naidoo is a Lecturer in the School of Nursing & Public Health at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. She is currently involved in teaching Nursing Research Methods at undergraduate and postgraduate level.
ResearchGate Profile

List of Publications

  1. Bam, N.E., Naidoo, J.R., In Press, ‘Nurses experiences in palliative care of terminally-ill HIV patients in a level 1 district hospital, Curationis 37(1), Art. #1238, x page. http://dx.doi.org/10.4102/curationis.v37i1.1238  
  2. Mchunu, GG; Ncama, BP.; Naidoo, JR.; Myeza, TT.; Majeke, S.J.; and Ndebele, T. (2013).Kwazulu-Natal Minibus Taxi Drivers’ Perceptions on HIV and Aids: Transmission, Prevention, Support, And Effects On The Industry. SAHARAJ Journal of Social Aspects ofHIV/AIDS.9(4):210-217. Doi:1080/17290376.2012.745639
  3. Ncama, B.P.; Naidoo, JR.; Mchunu, GG.; Majeke, SJ.; Ndebele, T.; Myeza, TT and Pillay, P. (2012). Minibus Taxi Drivers’ Sexual Beliefs and Practices Associated with HIV in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. Curationis. 36(1)Art#59. http://dx.doi.org/10.4102/curationis.v36i1.59
  4. Naidoo, JR. (2010). Mental Health of People Living with HIV or AIDS. In Uys, L. and Middleton, L. Mental Health Nursing: A South African Perspective. 5th Ed. Cape Town: South Africa: Juta. 717-727.
  5. Chirwa, M.L.; Greeff, M.; Kohi, T.W.; Naidoo, J.R.; Makoae, L.N.; Dlamini, P.S.; Kaszubski, C.; Cuca, Y.P.; Uys, L.R. and Holzemer, W.L. (2009). HIV Stigma and job satisfaction in a cohort of nurses caring for people living with HIV/AIDS in five African countries. Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care. 20(1): 14-21.
  6. Uys, L.R.; Holzemer, W.L.; Chirwa, M.L.; Dlamini, P.; Greeff, M.; Kohi, T.W.; Makoae, L.N.; Stewart, A.L.; Mullan, J.; Phetlhu, R.D.; Wantland, D.; Cuca, Y. & Naidoo, J. (2009).The development and validation of the HIV/AIDS Stigma Instrument – Nurse (HASI-N). AIDS Care. 21(2): 150-159.
  7. Dlamini, P., Wantland, D., Makoae, L., Chirwa, M., Kohi, T., Greeff, M., Naidoo, J., Mullan, J., Uys, L.R. and Holzemer, W.L. (2009). The impact of perceived HIV stigma on reasons for missing ARV medication among persons living with HIV infection in five Africa countries. AIDS Patient Care and STDs. 23(5): 377-387.
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