Associate Professor Busisiwe Rosemary Bhengu

Associate Professor Busisiwe Rosemary Bhengu


Associate Professor Busisiwe Rosemary Bhengu


+27 (0)31 260 1134



Howard College Campus

Research Interests

Critical Care Nursing, Nephrology, HIV and AIDS


Associate Professor


Professor Busisiwe Bhengu has been extensively involved in nursing education, and specifically critical care education, for many years both nationally and internationally. She has also been very involved in nursing curriculum development, specifically in the area of critical care nursing. Over the years she has taught critical care nursing at diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate levels and a vast number of the practicing critical care nurses in KwaZulu-Natal are her previous students. Professor Bhengu has been very involved in the Critical Care Society of Southern Africa and has played an integral part in the further development of the critical care nursing involvement in this national society. She also has a particular interest in the development of clinical nurse specialists and has been extensively involved in this within South Africa. Professor Bhengu is involved in research within the area of critical care as well as supervising a large number of postgraduate students, both at masters and doctoral level. She is well published and has presented at many national and international conferences, often as an invited speaker.  Professor Bhengu is a nurse leader who has held a number of leadership positions within Nursing, and is currently the Chair of the South African Nursing Council.

List of Publications 
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