Prof Petra Brysiewicz


Prof Petra Brysiewicz



 +27 (0)31 260 1281



Howard College 

Research Interests

Acute care (psychosocial implications and family nursing), Meaningful mentorship,

Research capacity development and leadership


Full professor


Professor Brysiewicz is a full professor in the School of Nursing & Public Health at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. She has worked with research and education of health professionals in South Africa and Africa for over 20 years. Through her work in the development of emergency care in Africa, she has experience in multidisciplinary medical education and research, and is currently developing mentorship programmes for emergency care workers in Africa. She plays an active role in various emergency care organizations and through these societies is playing an active role in the further development of emergency care in South Africa and Africa.  Prof Brysiewicz is the co-editor for the International Emergency Nursing journal. 

She is currently involved in teaching Trauma/Emergency Nursing as well as Qualitative Research Methods course.

Professor Brysiewicz is the communicating Principal Investigator for an NIH funded programme developing research leadership in health researchers: Developing Research Innovation Localisation and Leadership (DRILL).

Twitter: @PetraBrysiewicz

 List Publications  
  1. Erlingsson, C. & Brysiewicz, P. A hands-on guide to doing content analysis. 2017. Africa Journal of Emergency Medicine, 7(3): 93-144. DOI: 10.1016/j.afjem.2017.08.001. Buitendag, J.J.P., Laing G.L., Bruce J.L., Sartorius B., Brysiewicz P., Clarke D.L. 2017. The spectrum and outcome of pediatric traumatic brain injury in KwaZulu-Natal has not changed over the last two decades. South African Medical Journal, 107(9):777-780.
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